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Design trends for
Post-pandemic world

Design plays an Important Role in our everyday life and how spaces define the way we live. This blog is about the current Covid - 19 Virus and how is going to influence in the way of designing spaces in the coming future. 

1. Get More Space with Less Space - Go Up!

There is certainly a renewed admiration for having your own piece of land with a personal hygienic den. Having a expansive piece of Land is not something that comes as luxury to everyone. So if you are constructing on small & narrow space focus on increasing your sense of spaciousness and creating an abundance of natural light which can be achieved by   simple additions to the new space design such as raising your ceiling heights and creating double storey voids which can make a huge impact. 

2. Home Offices

Emphasis need to be given on personal comfort while designing home offices rather than just a piece of desk and chair. Its definitely to be more than that. Since this Covid- 19 Hit us there was sudden need for all of us to work from our home on regular basis. Things like sound insulation, task lighting & built in technology is really important while designing home office space. 

3. Multi - Functional Spaces

 Versatility is the Key. Multi - purpose space is required with right planning. As we’ve recently learned, we never know when we might need an extra work space! Designing spaces in your home that have multiple uses can provide you with the optimum solution without extending or increasing the size of your house. For these spaces to work, however, they need to be flexible and easily converted – without effort.

4. Getting the Outdoors In. 

We all have missed being in outdoors as due to lockdown and isolation as we are forced to confined ourselves inside our homes. Indoor/Outdoor connection is not new in architecture but now we deeply appreciate the nature and being in outdoors. So incorporating design elements such as large windows, skylights, internal courtyards that can connect to us to outdoors while being in indoors.  

5. Concept of Automation & Technology

The concept of automation, technology and no touch surfaces, will ensure a more safe environment. Automated doors, voice activated elevator controls, cellphone/iPad controlled automation, handsfree light switches and temperature controls. The less surfaces we touch with our hands, the less we come into contact with any infections catching us. Smart appliances such as WIFI connected appliances and sensor based system will all continue to increase in popularity.

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