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About Us

Studio Design Link is born with its admiration and love for Design, aesthetics and materials with timeless appeal.

It is a portal of discovery of modern aesthetics and craftmanship aiming to depart from conventional ideas of luxury to cater modern novel notions of comfort and self expression.

Studio was established in 2019 by Tanvi Sethi as an independent design practice. Tanvi completed her undergraduate degree in Bachelors in Architecture from Amity university, Noida with Silver Medal in Academics And she then moved to Ahmedabad to pursue her Post graduate degree in Masters of Design specializing in Computational design from Cept University, with First Class, First Distinction among many others with a Special mention in her contribution in Academics.

Gaining experience by working in the Industry for about 5 years , working into a small Start-up to learn about the small challenges you get while running your own business to Working on High end Residences, Retail Stores, Offices & Healthcare Projects, with an intention to find a original and unique design solution.

Keen on learning the finest details Tanvi loves to travel a lot. She believes design process is actually closer to the one experienced by an artist while creating a work of art. Site, Context, Materials, Usage do play a role to define the design moves but to the mind these are incidental.

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